Strategic Leadership in Counter Terrorism Workshop



Siren is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the Strategic Leadership in Counter Terrorism workshop which took place in the Kempinski hotel in Aqaba from the 2nd to the 6th October.

The workshop, hosted by the Policing Support Team, involved 23 delegates involved in the field of counter terrorism from a wide range of Jordanian security agencies including the Gendarmerie, PSD, and a number of intelligence agencies.

The five-day workshop featured a number of prominent international speakers in the field of counter terrorism. The workshop was privileged to receive a visit from Brigadier General Sameer Al Beeno, Regional Command of the PSD in the Aqaba Governorate, in addition to Dr. Hakeem Al Mahameed, Governor of Aqaba.

The lectures covered a variety of topics integral to the effective and coordinated response to countering terrorism and terrorist incidents within Jordan. These topics ranged from "the role of accountability in counter terrorism policing" and "the role of leadership within high-risk environments" to topics such as "countering radicalisation in prisons", "terrorist organisations and their modus-operandi" and "preventing a recruiting ground for violent extremism via effective community policing.” The delegates were also involved in a number of table-top critical incident scenarios requiring effective strategic leadership.

The wide range of personal experience of both the speakers and delegates, in addition to specific lectures generously provided by selected Jordanian agencies on the environment in Jordan, aided the shared learning not only between the agencies but also with Siren. 

Supporting ‘well-administered and inclusive’ Parliamentary Elections in Jordan

4 October 2016

Contributing to the growth of inclusive, democratic processes is central to Siren Associates’ work throughout the Middle East.  

On the occasion of Jordan’s 2016 parliamentary elections, we offered our assistance to the Independent Election Commission (IEC) – an important organ of change in the Kingdom’s ongoing political reform process.

Our expertise was provided on the set-up and functionality of an operations centre. We carried out this assistance in partnership with the UNDP ‘Support for the Electoral Cycle in Jordan’ project. 

After votes had been counted and elections operations had come to a close, the EU’s Election Observation Mission concluded that the election was well-administered and inclusive, with good efforts made to encourage voters’ participation. 

Deputy British Ambassador Attends Graduation of Community Police Assistants

14 March 2016

On Thursday 10 March, Deputy British Ambassador Simon Mustard visited Azraq refugee camp to present graduation certificates to the second cohort of Siren-trained Community Police Assistants (CPAs).

The graduation of this second cohort of British and Dutch funded CPAs brings the total number of policing assistants in Za'atari and Azraq refugee camps to 42, eight of whom are female. Between December 2015 and the end of February 2016, Community Police Assistants in Za’atari responded to 632 individual incidents in the camps.  ‚Äč

Watch the video below for more information:

Foreign Secretary meets Community Police Assistants in Za'atari Refugee Camp

04 FEBRUARY 2016

On Monday 1st Feb 2016, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Philip Hammond, visited Za’atari Refugee Camp to discuss aspects of security and stability within the camp. While there, he met members of the Syrian Refugee Affairs Directorate (SRAD), the Community Police and newly instated Community Police Assistants (CPAs). Members of the British Embassy Policing Support Team were also present, the organisation responsible for introducing, equipping, training and mentoring the CPAs. So far, the British Embassy Policing Support Team has trained 36 community police and 26 CPAs. There are currently a further 20 CPAs undergoing training with additional courses, part funded by the Embassy of the Netherlands, planned for later this year. This will bring the total number of trained CPAs to 84 before the end of May 2016.

The SRAD briefed their visitors on the day-to-day role of the CPAs in the camp as well as outlining the specialised training delivered to the Community Police. Their goal being proactive policing and problem solving within the community. Mr Hammond encouraged the joint British and Dutch funded CPA project, announcing, “This is exactly the type of project we should support and expand”. He also commended the success of the project and the reduction in crime since the inception of the CPA program in November 2015. (A survey conducted in February 2015 on the impact of community policing on perception of safety found that of residents aware of the community police, 74% agreed or strongly agreed that they make the camp a safer place, whilst 59% responded that they have absolute or moderate trust in the police). Mr Hammond also commented on the viability of introducing the CPA model outside of the camps, stating “This model seems to work well, it could be introduced anywhere, particularly in the host communities”.

As well as training, this Community Policing project has committed over £400,000 in order to update, expand and improve the radio network in both Za’atari and Azraq Refugee Camps in conjunction with local telecommunications provider Unitel. This investment will allow for both increased coordination between Community Police and Community Police Assistants (CPAs) in addition to improving response times for incident management.

British Ambassador Opens Training Programme for Community Police Assistants in Za’atari and Azraq Refugee Camps

13 November 2015

On 12 November British Ambassador to Jordan, Edward Oakden, opened the first training course for Community Police Assistants at Azraq and Za’atari camp. This is the latest development in the British Embassy’s partnership with the Syrian Refugee Affairs Directorate (SRAD) to support Jordan’s resilience in the face of the Syria crisis, by helping provide security for Syrian refugees. 

Since 2013 the British Embassy Policing Support Team has supported the establishment of Community Police Stations at both Azraq and Za’atari camps. In a survey carried out in Za’atari earlier this year, 74% of respondents felt that the introduction of Community Police had made the camp a safer place.

The introduction of Community Police Assistants will extend the reach of the Community Police Stations at Azraq and Za’atari camps. The arrival of 80 new staff, part funded by the British Embassy, and part by the Dutch Embassy, will allow the Community Police to carry out more foot patrols and understand and address issues in the communities by working in partnership with residents and NGOs.

The new recruits will be trained and mentored by SRAD Community Police, who have in turn been trained as trainers by police advisers from the British Embassy Policing Support Team. All training takes place in a British built Community Training Hall in Azraq camp.

Edward Oakden, the British Ambassador said, “The UK and Jordan have a vital partnership. An essential element of that partnership is UK support for Jordan’s stability and security in the face of the Syria and other regional crises. Since the start of the Syria crisis the UK has provided more than half a billion dollars towards building Jordanian resilience, partnering with Jordan in important fields like this community policing. I’m delighted that this programme will not only allow the SRAD to become increasingly effective in the camps, improving the lives of Syrian refugees, but it also provides job opportunities for Jordanians, allowing retired policemen the opportunity to make use of their extensive experience.”

The head of the SRAD, Brigadier Jehad Ghaleb Matar, said of the project: “The opening of the training venue and training of Community Police Assistants will greatly increase the capacity of the SRAD to respond to the safety and security needs of Syrian refugees in Za’atari and Azraq camps. The continual development of SRAD trainers and officers allows us to remain resilient as the refugee population in Jordan grows.”

Hovig Etyemezian, UNHCR Za’atari Camp Manager, said: “The role of the community police is key in helping refugees in Za’atari camp lead a safe and dignified life. The Community Police Assistant training will only improve an already exceptional partnership between the Policing Support Team and SRAD.”

Tania Saleh and Sakker El Dekkene sing against corruption

September, 2015

Sakker El Dekkene has recently teamed up with Lebanese singer Tania Saleh and created a song that continues to promote the battle against corruption in Lebanon.

Listen and share:

On the Beat in Za'atari

20 September 2015

Siren Associates, working as the British Embassy Policing Support Team in Amman, has been helping to make Za'atari and Azraq refugee camps safer and more secure for their Syrian residents by proving advice and training to Jordaninan Community Police Officers.

The UK Department for International Developement went on the beat with Communuity Police and the Policing Support Team to hear first-hand about the positive impact this partnership is having on quality of life in Za'atari.

Follow this link to find out more:


Jordanian Police making the camp a safer place, say Za'atari residents

July, 2015

This month sees the final publication of a two-part survey commissioned by the British Embassy Amman Policing Support Team which shows the positive impact of Community Policing on perceptions of safety in Za’atari Syrian Refugee Camp.  Of the respondents interviewed in February 2015 who were aware of the community police, 74% agreed or strongly agreed that they make the camp a safer place whilst 59% responded that they have absolute or moderate trust in the police—a figure in line with levels of trust in police around the world.

Full reports on the findings of the survey in both English and Arabic can be accessed by following the links below

English PPT:
Arabic PPT:

Award winning anti-corruption video

JUNE, 2015

Sakker El Dekkene's anti-corruption campaign video wins Golden Lion Award at Cannes Film festival! To view and share:



Official Opening of Za'atari Community Police Station


The first Community Police Station in a Refugee Camp in Jordan was officially opened on the 18th February by Brigadier General Dr. Waddah Hmoud, head of the Syrian Refugee Affairs Directorate (SRAD). Addressing the Syrian Refugees who attended the ceremony, he reaffirmed that they were welcome in Jordan as brothers and that he was grateful for their cooperation and support on community safety matters. The Community Police Station is the result of 18 months preparation and capacity building by Siren, undertaken in partnership with the SRAD and UNHCR.

Prince of Wales visits Za'atari Refugee Camp, Jordan

February 8th, 2015

The Prince of Wales, as part of his six-day tour of the Middle East, visited the Community Police Station in Za'atari Camp, constructed as part of the Siren Associates UK funded project in partnership with the Syrian Refugee Affairs Directorate (SRAD). Prince Charles spoke with Siren staff and Jordanian Community Police Officers responsible for implementing community policing in the camp. He was accompanied on his visit by Justine Greening, the UK Secretary of State for International Development.

Tackling corruption in Lebanon: Sakker El Dekkene

January, 2015

Sakker El Dekkene has broken the silence surrounding corruption in Lebanon with a survey that measures Lebanese citizens’ willingness to contribute to corruption, by age, and by revenue. The survey also measures people’s perception about corruption in various administrations, broken down by political orientation. Sakker El Dekkene's report further determines the trust level in the judicial sector and reasons for lack of trust, as well as willingness to report corruption.

English version:
Arabic version:

300 new shoes for Syrian Refugees!

December 31st, 2014

A time to give...

December 1st - 12th, 2014

Siren Associates is sponsoring a student’s initiative, collecting clothes and children’s books for Syrian refugees, organized by the USJ Political Science Institute and the AUB Oak Tree Club, in collaboration with the Relief and Reconciliation for Syria initiative.

From December 1st to 12th, Siren Associates will be donating USD 1 for each item of clothing collected, with the opportunity to raise up to USD 5,000! These funds will in turn be used to buy additional aid supplies for the refugees.

Drawing a smile on their faces will certainly make our season merrier!


September 13th - 16th, 2014

Jonathan McIvor and Karin Delin delivered a Strategic Planning and Advising Workshop to senior members of the EUPOL Mission, as EUPOL moves from providing support to Afghan counterparts at the operational level to those at the strategic level. During the visit the consultants met with the Deputy Minister for Policy and Strategy at the Ministry of Interior, Mr Masood Ahmad Azizi, to discuss how best EUPOL can support the MOI in the implementation of the national policing strategy.

UK Contractor Siren Associates is training a new community policing unit for Jordan's largest refugee camp, Zaatari

May 15th, 2014