Jordan Policing Support Project

Since August 2013, Siren Associates has been supporting Jordan’s civil security institutions to maintain safety and stability in Jordan at a time of growing regional turbulence.

Working in partnership with the British Embassy and the Embassy of the Netherlands, Siren Associates manages and staffs a Policing Support Team that designs and delivers interventions to enhance community and public safety in Jordan. The combined value of our interventions to-date is over £9 million. We have delivered these interventions to three main beneficiaries – the Public Security Directorate, the Syrian Refugee Affairs Directorate, and the Gendarmerie.

Between 2013 and 2015, the primary security concerns in Jordan focused on the threat of disorder from popular uprisings, and the potential for crime and instability in Syrian refugee camps. Correspondingly, our support to the Gendarmerie focused on the professional and peaceful management of large public events and demonstrations. With the Syrian Refugee Affairs Directorate, we helped to set-up and expand a community policing initiative in Za’atari and Azraq refugee camps. We also conducted a strategic review of the Public Security Directorate’s service delivery, identifying avenues through which its proficiency, transparency and accountability could be enhanced.

The ever-worsening refugee crisis and the regional expansion of violent extremist groups since 2013 has increased the complexity of maintaining stability and security in Jordan. More than ever, state institutions must respond in a joined-up and dynamic way in order to confront this challenge effectively.

To support this, we have moved towards a thematic approach in our work with Jordan’s civil security agencies. Through our interventions we will build on these agencies’ leadership and management capability. We will promote greater intelligence-sharing between agencies and support the effective collection and analysis of information to inform decision making. Finally, we will seek to enhance the level of positive engagement between the police and Jordan’s different communities. Together, we anticipate that these efforts will make a contribution to maintaining stability and security in Jordan. 


Support to the Internal Security Forces of Lebanon


Community Police Assistance Programme 2015 - 2016

Inside Za'atari Community Police Station On patrol in Za'atari Working with Community Police in Za'atari 2nd Lieutenant Abeer Al-Masa'ed Helping Keep Syrian Children Safe Improving Security for Syrian Women Community Police Officers at Za'atari Community Police on Patrol at Za'atari Lieutenant Abeer & former UK policeman, Stephen Boddy Lt Mjalli & Sgt Malik on Patrol in Za'atari Liaising with Za'atari Residents Lt Mjalli Starts his daily 12 hour shift A community leader talks to Lt Mjalli A community leader in Za'atari with his sons A member of the Policing Support Team talks with Lt Mjalli Syrian refugees call into the new community police station Community Police Assistant Fatima Al Shra'a and two Za'atari residents Capt. Mahmoud Bani Isa briefing CPA's in Za'atari CPA Sager Al Isa listening to a Za'atari residents' concerns CPA's at work in front of the Mobile Police Station WO Ibrahim Al Shurufat taking a statement from a Za'atari resident in the Mobile Police Station Siren Associates supporting candidate CPA's build portfolio's of evidence by delivering a workshop at Za'atari Camp Community Police Station Residents of Za'atari voice their concerns to Community Police Assistants at the Mobile Police Station on patrol. First 'live' Community Police Assessor in action at Za'atari Camp BBC crew leave the community police station Za'atari Camp with a CPA patrol lead by Level 1 CPA Sager Members of the CID, SB and Forensics department outside Buckingham palace on study visit Members of the CID, SB and Forensics department outside Stormont Parliament building on study visit Members of the CID, SB and Forensics department visit RUC memorial gardens Director Jonathan McIvor presenting a print to Col. Hussein Al Abadi at the close of the Intelligence, Information and Analysis study visit. Foreign Secretary meets Community Police and SRAD in Za'atari Refugee Camp Foreign secretary meets Community Police Assistants and Policing Support Team in Za'atari refugee camp. Gendarmerie Major. Basem al Masry alongside the Greater Manchester Police Tactical Mounted Unit 1st Lt Bilal al Hammad instructing students. Gendarmerie Lt. Mohammad al- Ayassra following horsemanship display at the cavalry headquarters. Parade preparations for gendarmerie cavalry unit outside the cavalry headquarters. Members of Gendarmerie visit Old Trafford police station. Gold and Silver Command training for senior Gendarmerie officers. Public Order training for the stadium security unit. Gendarmerie Strategic Planning course at Gendarmerie headquarters Information Management course Gendarmerie Code of Conduct Nidal Jurdi, UNOHCH at Gendarmerie Code of Conduct. Lt Col Zaydoun Al Majali during Gendarmerie Code of Conduct exercise Gendarmerie officers examining elements within alternative Codes of Conduct CPAs with local community representative in District 12 Za'atari CPAs working with UNFPA colleagues CPA using the radios and vehicles provided by the PST during a patrol in Za’atari Students of the Post Blast Ballistics and Contamination course Post Blast scene investigation training Investigators from the Criminal Investigations Department participating in Achieving Best Evidence Course 2nd Achieving Best Evidence course graduation. Group exercise involving students from the recently created Forensic Coordination Unit. Crime scene analysis during the Post Blast Ballistics and Contamination course Crime scene examination techniques being employed on the 3rd Post Blast course. Identification of evidence and other techniques employed during the 3rd Post Blast course